6 ways outsourcing your HR service can grow your business

Aug 20, 2018Grow your business, Human Resources

Humans are complex creatures. It’s for this very reason that navigating the people part of any business can be challenging and confusing.

THE EMPLOYMENT Co. team got chatting about ‘the business of people’ the other day and we came up with a list. It’s the top 6 benefits we’ve seen in clients businesses when they’ve chosen to outsource their human resource service.


A good hire is gold, a bad hire can be business suicide.

While it sounds a little dramatic, there is truth in those words! As a business owner, if you’ve experienced one or both scenarios you’ll be nodding in agreement right now. Recruitment is a fine art, and while nothing comes with a 100% guarantee, it is literally the intuition gained through meeting, understanding and working with hundreds of people over time, that builds skill in this area. Bring experience to your recruitment process and your business will reap the rewards of better team fit and performance.


The devil is in the detail.

Yes a cliché for sure, but if your contracts and agreements are correct and the best fit for your kind of business from the outset, you can save many sleepless nights and a lot of money. We never anticipate conflict or disharmony when hiring our next star employee but it’s true that anything can happen. Getting it right will provide you with the confidence that you’re looking after both your business and your team, no matter what may come up.


A little training and development goes a long way.

We all know that providing training and development pathways for our staff will strengthen our business capabilities. We have good intentions but how do we fit in a quality programme for all staff and focus on running our business? An expert team keeps things on track with the right support for everyone and your business profits from a stronger team.


Time is money.

Unless your business is in the human resource industry, it’s reasonable to assume that you may not be the best person to carry out all the tasks involved. Take something like payroll. Many small business owners can recount times when stress is high and they’ve made mistakes while processing pays. Because quite simply, it’s not a good use of their time. Outsourcing HR tasks keep your team happy and lets you focus on what you’re best at.


Change is the only constant but everyone handles it differently.

So your business is on a roll and growth is in the forecast, but just because you’re excited doesn’t necessarily mean to staff are feeling the same. Changes in your business have big implications for your people. Using professionals to help manage change with good planning, communication and support will have your team invested and engaged in your business’s progress.


One less staff member to think about!

We know you love your team and they are the heart of your business. But outsourcing your HR services rather than hiring in-house will provide all the benefits of a star team player (or entire department!) without any holiday pay, sick leave or emotional navigation required. Only pay for what you use but know that by simply picking up the phone you will have all the right support, tools and advice you need.