Career Services - Bridging the gap for job seekers and employers.
Graduates and those returning to work get a great start with our Work Ready career service.


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Graduate Connection

Graduates bring a fresh, current and malleable presence which can often be exactly the addition you’re looking for.

Whether you are an educational provider sending a graduate into the workforce, or an organisation considering a graduate for roles in your business. Our Work Ready career services bridge the gap between talent matching and work readiness.

Providing the best chance for success.

We specialise in enabling graduates to step into employment with confidence. Focusing new learning with natural abilities and positive personality attributes, graduates get a head-start and employers get the benefits.   See our services below.

  • Career Advice
  • Finding employment
  • CV Preparation
  • Interview Coaching
  • Job Application Support
  • On-boarding assistance

Putting experience to work.

Experience outside of traditional employment provides us with a whole world of logic, common sense and wisdom.

We take time to know each individual for the unique qualities they can offer and align this with opportunities we see in organisations we’re working with. Our career services include:

  • Updating/repositioning CV’s
  • Talent matching
  • Interview coaching

Re-entering the Workforce

It’s common place to experience time away from employment, whether it’s family, entrepreneurship or other circumstances.

Those returning to the workforce often present skills and maturity that can complete a team. Our career services team helps to identify the value these life experiences can provide in many workplace environments.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Employment Co. team have an excellent foundation in enabling pathways for people to return to work after injury or medical related events.

We work closely with ACC and many jobseekers for the best possible outcomes. The experience within our team means we have the specialist knowledge to understand the challenges these events and circumstances can present.

From adversity often comes greater strength.

We know the right approach makes all the difference for job seekers, employees and employers.

Our personalised assessments and assistance can help with:

  • Earlier return to work with support and review programmes
  • Vocational assessments
  • Career assessments
  • Rehabilitation pathways