We are your employment relations solution.
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HR Essentials

Employment contracts, policies, compliance and ongoing HR Support. Getting the foundations sorted allows you to progress your team with confidence.

At any stage of your business, we can make sure the right solutions are in place. Gain assurance when managing contractual employment matters.  Keep in step with legislative changes and avoid vulnerability and risk when problems arise.

If you don’t have one, think of us as your own Human Resource Manager.

If you do, think of us as their support and sounding board.  Here are our HR Essentials services:

  • Employment contracts and recruitment
  • Policy documents and company handbook
  • Employment legislative compliance
  • Managing conduct & grievances
  • Access to enableHR – comprehensive HR management system
  • HR Health Check – Free. Fast. Take it now.
  • Ongoing HR advice and support
  • Best practice review documentation and process
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Discuss the best way forward with us.

We provide any or all of the services below. Get in touch to find out we can tailor our services to suit your business needs.

  • Training and development needs analysis
  • Tailored training and development programmes
    • Individual
    • Team
    • Company-wide
  • Succession planning & career development
  • Management coaching and mentoring

Staff Training & Development

Your people are your biggest asset. When they are happy and engaged, their inspiration and achievements can be boundless.

In business, we all know staff training is important but it can be hard to know where to start or how to keep things moving.  The Employment Co. provide practical assistance to realise the true potential of your team by identifying opportunities and supporting them to grow and develop their strengths. We offer targeted individual programmes as well as company-wide or team-specific human resource management.

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Employee Wellbeing

People perform best when they are safe and well. Not only is caring for your people good for your bottom line, but it’s also an important legislative requirement in New Zealand.

We can help you create the right culture and get the right results with a plan that almost looks after itself! We’ll design a programme that supports and manages the wellbeing of your employees so they can thrive in their work.

Create wellbeing plans that work.

Use our expertise to design a well-tested framework. Once it’s in the diary, all you have to do is join in the fun and see the benefits.

  • Consultation and understanding your obligations
  • Establish a thorough Wellness Plan
    • 6-month or 12-month timeline
    • Budget appropriate action points
    • Activities and events booked and in your diary
  • Push go! We can be involved in rolling out your plan as much or as little as you need
HR management the employment co whangarei

Cut out the grey area in your business.

We’ll help set clear goals, create easy to follow frameworks and can even manage the hard stuff on your behalf.

See our Performance Management services below.

  • Performance Management plan
    • Business goals linked with individual goals
    • KPIs
    • Code of conduct
  • Managing employment disputes and grievances
    • Ensure your process and documentation meets legal requirements and best practice
    • Lead or support disciplinary or grievance meetings, including documentation
    • Advice for disciplinary or grievance meetings

Performance Management

Performance management can be a useful tool in a wide number of circumstances. Gain confidence and experience with our experts alongside you providing support and guidance you can trust.

From goal setting, succession planning and getting the best from your team, through to conduct issues and employment disputes, we have the experience to help. We’ll provide practical solutions to achieve efficient and fair outcomes for everyone.

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Change Management

Change is inevitable within any progressive business, although it can come with uncertainty and disruption for your people. Successfully managing change in your organisation can be the difference between a set-back and taking great leaps ahead.

Keep your team engaged and committed to the longer term future of your company with the right support processes. Planned and thoughtful communication, teamed with HR know-how will make sure your employees feel supported and valued when determining their new future.

Manage change with confidence.

Planning and timely follow-through are key when it comes to change. Be confident you have managed the process well.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. Our Change Management services include:

  • Communication plan
  • People planning and process for change – e.g. strategic direction, leadership change, market environment shift
  • Restructure or redundancy
  • Employee support in a changing workplace